Rainbow Bridge Food Bank


The Rainbow Bridge Food Bank

We are delighted that Rainbow Bridge will have its very own Food Bank very soon. Hero Market Sdn Bhd has agreed to be our partner to contribute supplies to the food bank. Not only that it has had a meeting with its major suppliers and invited them to contribute as well.

It’s a deal between Hero Market Sdn Bhd (represented by Mr. Francis Teng, MD) and Rainbow Bridge (represented by Prof. Ong Kok Hai, Chairman) at Hero headquarters on 22nd September 2019.

We are also in discussions with another potential partner to provide space that is required to function and as a food depot for storage, inventory control as well as the distribution centre. We are also looking into the logistics of transport for supplies and distribution. Finally, as befits the philosophy behind Rainbow Bridge in bridging communities for the greater good, we will be engaging other existing food banks to bring about smart partnerships that will lead to greater benefits for the community I general.

We target the Rainbow Bridge Food Bank to be actively functional by end of October 2019. By which time Rainbow Bridge members will have a great opportunity to identify communities that they which to help and tap into the RB Food Bank for sustainable a food sustainable food source.

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